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Brief?! What’s a brief?!

May 31, 2011

There is an army of people that would be ready to swear that briefs are only for large companies. I think they are wrong.
Briefs are the basic documents for a communication project – any communication project-
The brief document, when crafted with care, helps to kickstart the creative project and to verify the progress along the way, so that it becomes easier to stick with what agreed and shared.

The tighest the best – I should say when it comes to briefs. It could look as a paradox, it could look as if we were to put creativity on a leash, but nothing is more frightening thant working on a project with a vague brief – imagine playing football with no rules.

Talented creatives convert the chains into jump boards onto which launch their creativity.

What’s in a brief?

  1. The scenario
    That is the background…. Who is the client? what is the product/service? A SWOT table, other researches and documents to understand the client and their backgrounds.
  2. An overview of the project
    Type of project? Goals?
  3. The target
    Who are we talking to? Why should they listen?
  4. The competitors
    see point 1…
  5. The tone
    How should we communicate? Which language shoudl we use?
  6. The key message
    What are we trying to say?
  7. The visual
    Original? Imported?
  8. The details
    Are there elements that the client consider mandatory?
    Time frame, budget
  9. Who is involved
    Who does what
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