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Milan in HDR

May 31, 2011
Tunnel Ferrovia
Railway Tunnel  – Nikon D700, 24-70 mm f/2.8 – ISO 200 f/11 – 4 sec a 24 mm

Having a partner who has got to wake up at 9 on Sundays to go to work suggests, at least, an interesting agenda for the day, once overcome the call of the pair “couch/remote control”.

I decided to head out with my camera bag and to venture the “for-me-unknown” world of HDR photography.

Here is the first attempt.

Railway tunnel – Viale Lunigiana (Milan) –  10,30 am
Sequence  of  seven shots  (+3/-3 stop) – Matrix reading – since I don’t own a spot meter, I decided to lean on my pricey camera’s
I chose matrix and pushed it of  a third of  a stop – 4″ @ f11 – trying to exhalt the details in the shadows, even though 1/3 shows a little fear.

I bracketed of  three stops under and three stops above the reading. The sequence has then been reprocessed in Photomatix Pro, applying an accurate tone mapping, for which I trusted my monitor.
I chose to apply some more contast and to saturate shadows and highlights, clipping on shadows and usiong a lighat smoothing on highlights.

I actually was not looking for a “realistic” result, but also didn’t want to lean too much on the surreal side. I cooled down a little bit the colors, to let the green of the sidewalk emerge.

Maybe not a super shot, but as a first attempt, I am quite satisfied.


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