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Client/designer: the perfect relationship

July 25, 2011
A good client/designer relationship creates great projects.

How do you know if the designer or the agency you are about to choese are the ones that will suit your demands?

Here five points that, applied with common sense, can help you to reply:

  1. THE BACKGROUND – the Internet helps you a lot, so make a full use of the tools this medium offers.
    Go to their site, either you are hiring a free lance or an agency. Use the search engines, do all the researches to understand if you are to make the proper choice.
  2. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES – try to understand if the designer or the design firm had already worked on projects similar to the one you are about to commission or if they have been alrready working in similar markets.
    What are the projects in their portfolio?
    PAY ATTENTION! Sometimes hire designer who have experiences that differ from your project may contribute to create solutions that are actually different and innovative – i.e. a graphic design firm that is specialized in CD covers design can offer a fresh approach to corporate brochure project.
  3. PROFESSIONALITY  –  what is the approach the creative staff? what are their referencies? is the agency good at communicating with you? do they have a wide network of professionals in case you might want to enlarge the project?
    is their portfolio updated? what are the sensations you got out of the preliminary meetings?
  4. CHEMISTRY  – do you like the persons you are going to work with? do you feel at ease with them?
  5. PARAMETERS – is the economic offer acceptable? are the deadlines acceptable? are they allocating enough human resources to complete the project? wil your project be a top one for them of just run-of-the-mill?
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