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The Age of Kali

September 25, 2011

On Blurb It is available to buy my photo book The Agenof Kali, a journey through modern India contradictions.

Click here for a full preview.

The Age of Kali is a photographic journey through Indian subcontinent.
I left Italy on project: photograph the world of Indian railways, from north to south, I got lost and I found myself doing a photographic project completely different and with a total different equity.

It is a bookndedicated to that India that very often the tourist can’t catch, unless they feel like going down to the Yamuna river banks, for instance, and spend some time with a comunity of “untouchables”….

It is a photo book, a project, but most of all is my personal effort to bring on paper the sensations that I felt moving innanworld of people and places that will linger forever on my mind,
It’s s book populated of unexpected encounters, singular faces and landscape shots stolen to the suburbs of the world, in the attemptnto describe an India that is far from the one of travel brochures.

Click her to get s preview.


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