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Coloured traces – still life

October 3, 2011

I often asked myself  how to obtain abstract images of coloured traces – everytime I had the chance to bump into one of those I remember feel fascinated by the shape and contouur those traces were designing.

So I gave it a try and began to explore how to shoot those pictures.
The first question was about what to use. Coloured smoke? Nah… I decided that smoke was too umpredictable and difficult to shoot – just think about  the light set to shoot smoke gave me a headache!

So I settled for coloured ink – that you can easily buy in an design and art supplier store.

I pour some clean water in a glass vase and placed the vase in front of my only light – a strobe with a 120×80 bank mounted on top.

I placed my Nikon on a tripod and mounted a mid telephoto. I used a cable to shoot.
My assistand poured a some drops of ink directly into the vase with the help of a dropper.
The ink, blending in the water, generated everytime  an unpredictable colourful shape.

I overexposed to burn the white – be careful with the meter of your colour will result washed out.

A VERY SIMPLE set for an amusing outcome.

Ecoline inks come in a wide range of colours and the limit is our creativity in mixing them

Shoot with different intervals – a little delay may help to create an interesting trace, a too long delay may  just turn into a vase of dirty water.

Some examples of the session:


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