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Maintaining the brand

October 24, 2011

The brand lives everyday and brand managers must work daily to make the brand grow

Handle and keeping consistent the assets of a brand is definitely a challenge, almost more difficult than creating a brand.
You have just bought you new logo from the creative agency and they have just delivered the basic applications of it, such as the business cards, the letterhead and your new envelopes. You feel satisfied, it has been a frantic period, back and forth from the agency, while they were working on you projects and eventually now is done. Done!

Big mistake, pal. It’s now that the work, the real work, begins.
Many clients believe that the real investment is the money you put into the project and the energy and effort the agency put into creating the logo and the few tools to start using it.
Somehow it is like that.
You have to look at the new logo as a the basic tool on which build your brand.

Consistency and enlightenment are what you actually need to cleverly manage a brand, especially when newly born.
The management MUST understand that managing a brand is the summaof several daily tasks that must be done with patience and dedication and that brands live and survive only through these daily little tasks.

Strong brands bring in added values that simple products just can’t, for this it is always worthy to invest into building brands, but you must be aware that it is a lengthy and expensive process that DOES NOT COMPLETE with the presentation of the new logo and with the delivery of the biz cards and letterheads.

If the management is not focused on those activities that are necessary to strengthen the brand equity and if the resources are not adequate, the risk to dissolve all the efforts put into the designing project.

This is a very frequent scenario: the client invests a lot in the designing of a new logo and put down the basis for the launch of the brand, the agency works hard and present a good job… Then everything stops and the brand never picks up – with the client usually blaming the lame success on the agency.

It may look like a paradox but the creative phase is the simple part. The designing phase represents only the first step and the next steps are always very delicate. It is important the the client understand this.

What should brand managers do? And what do agency should?
A solid help could be found in a guide line handbook. The agency should define a practical guide to help everyone how to use the logo, how to use colors and typefaces to build consistency.
Anyone asked to define the rule must have a good understanding of the brand and of the paradigms of communication. Most of all the agency must have a good sense of reality and understand that guide lines are effective when can be followed.

Managers, instead, must understand that they must pay lot of attention to details and to how the brand is communicated – colors, typefaces, tone of voice, visuals… Everything matters and everything must be consistent.

I think that a good agency must be able to offer both phases: the designing phase and the following part, made of consultancy, execution and creativity.


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