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Is Google really so sexy?

November 10, 2011

Is it really so sexy?!

The web has grown and Google has grown with it. So, in the end, is it really so sexy?!
Well, so it seems.

We are not dealing with a simple search engine anymore. Google is not only a tool to search the web but, more often,  it is becoming  a powerful marketing tool, very useful to promote products and service.

Let’s skip all the blah-blah about Google and web-marketing and let’s focus on the reasons why you should -or should not – put on a advertising campaing using Google AdWords.

  • the cost is reasonable and it does not need heavy start-up investments
  • the costs are always related to the responses your call-to-act campaign receives 
  • it focuses the message on the stakeholders you chose
  • it’s global
  • it intercepts the needs of the potential customer
  • it is highly scalable
  • it reacts in real time
  • it integrates with the traditional strategies
  • it generates a high amount of statistic data
  • the target is highly refinable
Said so, you put up your campaign on your own but I do recommend to rely on communication experts – because it’s business anyway…
Set up an AdWords campaign gives good results when integrated with the other tools of marketing communication.
Another suggestion is that you launch your campaign ONLY when your web site is perfectly up and running.

So, listen to the wordss of those who are real web marketing experts and try to avoid the number of time wasters, fine tune your web site and set your goals (real ones)… said this, HAVE A GREAT CAMPAIGN!

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