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Out, hunting for ideas

February 6, 2012

A sort of vademecum for us designers to prime the idea hunting process that will be the pivot of all our creative strategy… man, this is what I call responsibility

Being honest, this post is just a field guide to how to generate alternative ideas while you are working on a creative project.

Where do ideas hide? How can you find them? Are there tricks to trigger ideas?

According to my humble point of view, and to the point of view of more distinguished authors… YES, THERE ARE WAYS AND TRICKS TO GENERATE  IDEAS.

Let’s see…

  • look in the name of the product or in its logo.
    Some of the most creative ideas were born from the name of the procuct itsfleg and when this happens you pratically zero the risk to produce a bland and generic campaign
  • look in  the packaging
    Observe the shape, the curve,  the colour. Is there anything unique to start with?
  • look in the production method
  • This is what Robin Wight, the British communication guru, says about it: “Interrogate the product until it
    gives in and confesses its strengths.” and Bob Insherwood, from Saatchi & Saatchi Australia racconta: “Everytime we approach a new campaign for Parker pens we go back to the factory and look for details to write the story for us.”  Think about it…
  • look in the birthplace 
    Think of Laphroig single malt, think of Ben Sherman shirt and London, think of Chianti wine and Tuscany… well, if you do your homework in the places where the products are made, you may discover a treasure
  • look in the product history 
  • look in the past campaigns
    Do some advertising archeology. Dust off some old campaigns and bring them alive in the current context, polish them for good
  • look in the way the product is used.
    Some like to call it the After Method. Talk about after, without showing before. This is usually a good method
  • try to imagine what happens when you don’t use the produce

I am certain there are many other ways, these are the ones I relied upon during these 20 years… give them a chance and drop me a line


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