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Put your brand in a package

February 29, 2012

A nice box-  Just a start…

We are talking packaging design.  We are talking packaging design as an extension of brand design.
Many think that packaging and branding  are two separate discipline, I personally believe that is not true, I am actually convince that packaging design is an extension, if not the most prominent aspect, of branding.

I honestly think that packaging design goes way beyond your  finely designed box you used to box your product in.
Packaging design is an integrated aspect of the building and growing of your brand identity and, according to my humble point of view, one of the most powerful  levers to modify the perception of the brand while you are trying to reposition it.

Here some golden rules to succeed in a packaging design project, trying to go beyond the empty concept of an appealing box

  • Consistency – the packaging project MUST be consistent with the rest of the brand identity
  • Single product or family of products – ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF whether your packaging will be used for a single product or for a family of products, in the latter case your project should be flexilbe enough to cover all the possible solutions and products, without diluting or losing its recognizability. The colour choice, the lettering and the materials should fit all the products of the family – with some far-sightenedsess for what it could concern future product line stretching .
  • Usability – you don’t need to be a fortune-teller but you should be able to anticipate the possible usages of your packaging – shelf, postal shipment? stockage? – for each usage there materials and shapes that are more qualified than other.
  • Test – technology helps us a lot these days and it makes always possible to test our mock-up, producing some sample runs with the final material. Much better invest and lose some little money in a wrong test than discover the mishap during the final production.
  • Special finishing and materials  –   some industries have tight strings attached, e.g. you MUST special material for  everything that is in direct contact with food. Don’t  underestimate costs and limits

Packaging design probably represents the most complex overlapping between graphic design and branding, while the marketing  aspect fo many areas of graphic design is only partial, in a packaging design project is TOTAL.  A packaging project is successful if it makes you sell.


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