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Ten rules to begin a packaging design project

May 23, 2012

This post has been triggered by reading an article on a book published by AVA Academia whose title is  Packaging the Brand: The Relationship between Packaging Design and Brand Identity .

I dedicate this to all you out to commission a packaging design project.

  1. Analyze the competition. Gather the more information you can before beginning your project.
    Go beyond a simple collection of nice little boxes, try to understand for each sample collected the positioning, the key message and the product attributes.
  2. Build a synoptic table
  3. Look beyond borders. Extend your research to other markets, especially the emerging ones or those very keen with good design, such as the Dutch market-
    Widening your vision will enrich your skills to individuate the  strengths of your project.
  4. Chose your design partner for their professionalism, the quality of their portfolio, the reliabilty, the creative skills and not only on the price.
  5. Try to reach a result that stands out. Don’t uniform with the rest of your market – it quite never pays.
  6. Make sure the provided solutions can pass all life cycles of your packaging, from the moment it leaves the company, to the moment it gets in the hands of  your clients – and more, to the their dustbins.
  7. Protect your packaging project
  8. Make sure your packaging does not infringe any law.
  9. Always ask for a lifesize mock up and simulate the shelf test
  10. Take some test before going into production

Now dare!


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